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Twinkle Bell Pendant - Gold

$39.95 AUD
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How cute is our Twinkly Bell pendant?

This Twinkle Bell pendant is the perfect addition to your girl’s pendant collection with a REAL bell inside that makes a sweet little twinkle noise when she moves.

A timeless addition to her pendant collection or try it as a charm!

Our Twinkle Bell pendant is crafted from premium sterling silver with heavy 18 karat yellow gold plating - also available in silver and rose gold!

All of our children’s jewellery range comes with a complimentary pink polishing pouch to keep her pendants safe and doubles as a polishing cloth to keep her jewellery sparkling! BONUS: Get a complimentary jewellery gift box on all orders over $49. 

  • 925 sterling silver
  • Heavy 18 karat rose gold and yellow gold plating
  • Suitable for girls of all ages