Jewellery Care

My Little Silver pieces are crafted from the finest quality .925 sterling silver and our yellow and rose gold pieces are finished with a thick plating of 18 carat gold over solid sterling silver. All of our pieces are hand finished. 

Caring for your jewellery 
It is important to regularly clean your jewellery with a soft cloth to keep it shiny and looking as gorgeous as it did on the day you took it out of the box. Did you notice the super cute pink pouch that your jewellery arrived in? Hold onto this little pouch, as it’s perfect for not only storing your pieces, but it doubles as a polishing cloth! 

Caring for sterling silver and gold-plated pieces 
In order for your jewellery to remain in the best possible condition, we recommend you DO NOT allow it to come into contact with the following:

  • Perfume
  • Salt water
  • Lotions
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Chlorine

We also suggest that you remove your pieces prior to showering/bathing.  

Tarnishing, sometimes known as oxidation is a normal process that can occur when oxygen comes into contact with sterling silver. This may lead to your sterling silver jewellery taking on a slightly darker colour over time. To minimise this, be sure to keep your pieces individually in your special My Little Silver pouch, and in a climate that is low in humidity. 

Caring for Enamel 
Good news! Caring for your coloured enamel sterling silver pieces is just as simple as caring for your sterling silver and gold-plated pieces. Keep your enamel pieces looking gorgeous by storing them in your My Little Silver pouch, avoid harsh chemicals and remove before swimming or bathing. It is worth noting that enamel could chip if it is knocked against a hard surface, so please take care while wearing it.

Should you have any specific questions regarding caring for your My Little Silver jewellery, please email us your query –

We take great pride in the quality of each and every My Little Silver piece and offer a 12 month warranty that covers manufacturer faults and not general wear and tear.

Should you wish to make a warranty claim, please email us: and we will arrange an inspection of your goods, and either a replacement, repair or refund will be provided within 14 days of us inspecting your faulty jewellery.